Music Video and Game Production

Hey guys,
If you are wondering why I haven’t posted anything in the last 5 days it’s because I’ve been busy with game development work. Stuff is starting to pick up on our production team, and I have been busy with helping establish the art style for our first title.

Like I’ve said in the past I can’t post anything because I’m under NDA. You can be rest assured though that once we have completed this project I will be filling my portfolio and blog with all of the content I made for the game.
On a side note Jovan Galvan, the guy who was making his music video on my computer, just posted his music video a couple of days ago on Youtube. It’s pretty cool seeing all the beginning clips and seeing the final product. It was a cool experience seeing it all come together, and an even cooler one to see the final product in the end.

Check it out!


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