Halloween Challenge Update and Music Video Production

Hey guys I’m back with another update!

I just finished the werewolf sculpt for my Halloween scene and I must say it looks pretty sweet. I will now be sculpting the pumpkin, and I will have much time to do so in this coming 4 day weekend I have from school.

Once I have the main scene completed I might go back and fiber mesh my werewolf and see what kind of result I can achieve. Well here it is. Hope you enjoy!

Besides working on this project I have been helping out with management on my game dev team and stuff is moving at a smooth pace. We are on the look out for programmers right now, so if you know anyone who would be interested, give me a shout out. Can’t reveal much because I’m under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), but I can say that the project is shaping up to be a great product for our company.

Lastly, this week I had the privilege of watching a local artist from town create his music video on my computer. The process is pretty cool, and I got $130 video editing program for free, so I can’t complain. The video should be up on Youtube in a week or so, but you can be rest assured I will post it on my site for you guys to see.
Well that about sums up my week so far. Like always like, comment, or share. Every critique, complement, and exposure helps.

Thanks guys,


Bailey Wheatland


4 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge Update and Music Video Production

  1. Very cool. Looks awesome. I like the face, claws and the scars. Nice touch.
    Btw, where is your company located. I work for a reseller of 3D and video editing software, so I sometimes hear of people looking for work.
    What kind of programming would they need to be experienced in?

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