Zbrush Central Halloween Contest

Hey guys sorry it’s been so long since I posted here last.

I’ve been busy with school starting and game development work, but today I found some time to get stuff done on my site. You will notice that I uploaded my resume and several other new things to the site.

On another note I have recently joined the Halloween contest on Zbrush Central. I started on it a couple of nights ago, and so far I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out.

My entry is called “the Carver in the Shadows.” It portrays a werewolf walking away from a freshly carved Jack-O-Latern. You can see the initial drawing I did of the scene below.

I also have provided some work-in-progress shots of the werewolf sculpt.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little update on what I have been up to lately. As always don’t be afraid to leave a comment rather it be a simple “Awesome!” or a constructive critique. I enjoy an sort of response from you guys. 🙂

See you around soon!


Bailey Wheatland

P.S. If you don’t see me update my site about this project, my W.I.P thread can be found here on Zbrush Central.


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